Are you ready for Winter riding ?

By Sandie
In Cheap Motorcycle Tyres London
Jan 9th, 2014

With the dark mornings and early nights the temperatures are dropping rapidly too. Here in the UK, winter tyres, or cold weather tyres as they are sometimes known are not as popular as in Europe and Scandinavia, but there are still things you need to be aware of.

First and foremost check that your tyres show no signs of wear. Good tyre tread is vital for road grip and safe riding.  Two highly rated brands in this category are the Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart 2 and the Michelin Pilot Road 3, as both give good grip and control in wet and cold conditions.

One of the UK’s road safety measures is actually a real hazard to bike tyres and bikes in general. The culprit being- rock salt. Yes it’s great for spreading all over our roads to stop everyone sliding all over the place, but it is a real menace to bikes. To ensure the salt doesn’t corrode the metal bike surface, wash the salt completely off with cold water on returning home. Cold water is preferable as hot water accelerates the salts corrosive properties.

If you do wish to switch your tyres to Winter ones then now is around the time to order them. At Burwins we can advise, supply and fit them for you giving you peace of mind in your Winter riding. Of course people say that the roads in and around London are just as soon de-frosted, and made safe with the sheer weight of traffic going back and fore, but the more unpopulated areas and some parts of Greater London can be treacherous.

Much emphasis is given to bike clothing in the cold weather and of it’s imperative that you keep your body, and more specifically your hands warm. However, the condition of the 2 things, (tyres!!), in constant contact with the icy surfaces should be first and foremost in your Winter weather bike check.

At Burwins Motorcyles when you buy  a new tyre, not only do you get a FREE fitting service but you will also get the best advice on tyre cleaning. With our years of Motorbike experience and all the latest tips and hints you can be sure that you receive the best advice.

REMEMBER when new motorcycle tyres are fitted they should not be subjected to maximum power until a reasonable running in distance has been covered.  100 dry miles is recommended minimum.  (discount any wet miles covered).


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