Clean those blooming tyres!!

By Sandie
In Cheap Motorcycle Tyres London
Dec 3rd, 2013

Have you ever heard those guys at the track say “Those blooming tyres”. and thought to yourself- Well that’s a polite way of swearing.

You would be wrong. ‘Blooming tyres’ is tyre-speak for when the antiozonant works its way to the outside of the tyre and is exposed to the ozone in the air, it oxidizes and turns brown. In words we can actually understand, you are left with a brownish tinge on the tyres.

When cleaning the tyres it’s vital to keep the rubber resinous enough for the protection to adhere to. First remove any blooming, road dust, tar, grease, grime, wax and oxidized rubber from the surface before beginning to clean with soap and water. The key to tyre durability is deep cleaning the tyre, once clean you should be able to take an old white dry terry towel and rub the tyre surface, until it’s spotless.

Although a lot of guides suggest using tyre shine it’s not a good idea. Some people suggest brake fluid as it can swell the small cracks in the older tyres shut but DO NOT apply to the treaded surface. If you do wish to use a tyre shine product only apply to the walls never EVER EVER get it on the tread or you’ll slip and slide like Bambi on ice.

At Burwins Motorcyles when you buy  a new tyre, not only do you get a FREE fitting service but you will also get the best advice on tyre cleaning. With our years of Motorbike experience and all the latest tips and hints you can be sure that you receive the best advice.

REMEMBER when new motorcycle tyres are fitted they should not be subjected to maximum power until a reasonable running in distance has been covered.  100 dry miles is recommended minimum.  (discount any wet miles covered).


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