Ding dong, Avon calling!!

By Sandie
In Avon motorcycle tyres
Feb 17th, 2014

The Avon Storm 3D’s were launched last summer before a throng of bike mad journo’s and industry prof’s alike. Huge thumbs up, pats on the back and much oohing and aahing abounded and amidst this euphoria there was quite a lot said about the tyres themselves. They handled the bendy track well in the warm dry conditions. This test however, made the biking public- yes you- thirsty for more. The Avon 3D-XM’s were hailed as a road tyre capable of delivering better grip in both wet and dry conditions. Not satisfied with just words the guys at Big Bike Mad decided to put them to the test.

They swapped their ZZR’s PR3′s for the 3D-XMs and hit the roads. Not just any roads- a 400mile long winter trek through the tough terrain of Northern England.  Two days into the ride and the long standing joke about Northern Weather didn’t seem much of a joke anymore. Added to the inclement weather and the pot holed roads, they were subjected to added roughage from the adjacent fields. All manner of fauna and flora being blown into their paths had them holding on for dear life and hoping against hope that the ‘roughage’ they’d had for breakfast would stay firmly in their lower intestine!

The 3D-XM’s handled it masterfully, with only the occasional back end shimmy and a slight loss of grip at the front end. With their journey totaling 500 miles throughout the harsh north and the not so harsh southern roads there was hardly any wear on the tyres. This gives some credence to Avon’s claims that the 3D-XM’s perform well on wet weather and adds validity to their long-life claims. The technical explanation for this is:-

‘the tread pattern now includes sipes; narrow 3-D (hence the name) slits that, if you force them apart, reveal what look like small rubber teeth. ‘

Big Bike Mad’s conclusion is this:-

‘We’re happy to recommend the Storm 3D. It’s a good example of modern technology being harnessed to keep our riding safer; and the technology works. Grip is excellent, wet or dry, and the long life claims seem to bear investigation, making this tyre a good choice if you plan on doing a lot of touring or enjoy copious use of the throttle. Thumbs up to Avon.’

At Burwins Motorcyles when you buy  a new tyre, you also qualify for a FREE fitting service . 

REMEMBER when new motorcycle tyres are fitted they should not be subjected to maximum power until a reasonable running in distance has been covered.  100 dry miles is recommended minimum.  (discount any wet miles covered).



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