Improve your off road skills with BMW and Metzeler

By Sandie
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Apr 15th, 2014

In a secluded corner of South Wales you can find a 4000 acre plot of land where interesting things happen. Off Road Skills is a company developed by Simon Pavey, the Dakar veteran, and it’s basic function is to instill basic, sound, techniques for every aspect of off-road riding.

The structured training programme has been carefully planned for each level of rider, ranging from beginners, Level One, to Bespoke one to one, ensuring there really is something for everyone- including a women’s only level.

As of last month Metzler are proud to announce they are partnering with Simon Pavey and kitting out the BMW bikes (R1200GS/F800/G650) used by Off Road Skills with the KAROO™ 3 and the TOURANCE™ tyres. This isn’t a new collaboration, bringing Metzeler and BMW together, as the International BMW Motorrad GS Trophy sports the KAROO™ range for its competitors.

The Off Road Skills founder Simon Pavey had this to say:-

“Our off-road skills courses are carried out on extremely varied terrain from asphalt, gravel, river crossings and deep mud. It’s so important to have a tyre on the bikes that can handle all of this abuse and also have good durability, which is why we’re so glad to be using the METZELER KAROO™ 3 on all the BMW machines here.

We’ve just returned from two trips to Portugal with a total of 48 riders, we had great feedback and lots of comments about how well the KAROO™ 3 performed even on the Tarmac. We thank METZELER for their support and look forward to helping evaluate these tyres with our customers and staff through the year.”

So whether you are an experienced off-roader and looking to crank up the excitement levels a notch, or a complete novice eager to know what all the ‘off-road’ fuss is about- why not try this unique experience.

Metzeler don’t just make tyres for off-road bikes and here at Burwin’s we share our knowledge and information about other types of Metzeler motorcycle tyres. Read about them here.

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REMEMBER when new motorcycle tyres are fitted they should not be subjected to maximum power until a reasonable running in distance has been covered.  100 dry miles is recommended minimum.  (discount any wet miles covered).

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