Pirelli DIABLO Superbike PRO, Super new tyres

By Sandie
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Feb 17th, 2014

Pirelli have been busy improving on their track tyre range. Pirelli, being the official tyre supplier for the British Superbike Championship are always looking for ways to improve tyre performance and so increase track times. The DIABLO™ Superbike PRO has always been a slick tyre that was developed for track use only. It’s job is to produce maximum performance on Superbikes combined with outstanding durability and offering high grip, handling and stability, attaining the full potential and maximizing the enjoyment for the rider.

In Milan earlier this month they announced that The Pirelli DIABLO™ Superbike PRO, has had some improvements done. The new 120/70 R17 front tyre updates have improved handling and produce a more aggressive profile.  The new compound provides a larger contact surface able to offer more grip, stability and precision during the trajectory of corners.

The original 190/55 R17 NHS TL has been replaced by the new bi-compound 200/55 R17 rear size, and in line with improvements made on the front tyre it has evolved from all the developments acquired over the years in racing.

The new DIABLO™ Superbike PRO is being hailed as the meeting point between Racing and track day fans, who just want to enjoy the thrill of riding on track and getting the most out of their bikes.

The bods at Pirelli described the impact of the changes as so:-

The sport-derived structure was developed to ensure uniform temperature and regular wear during repeated on track sessions, ensuring stability in performance and a long tyre life.

The profiles derived from the experience in the WSBK Championship are optimised to ensure a wide and uniform contact surface at all angles of lean and a regular transfer of power to the ground even in sudden changes of direction.

The compounds provide high durability combined with excellent properties of maintaining the operating temperature, due to the easy warm-up and maintenance of performance, lap after lap.

The DIABLO™ Superbike PRO, is available for the front in 120/70 R17 size and at the rear in 180/55 R17 along with the new 200/55 R17 sizes.

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REMEMBER when new motorcycle tyres are fitted they should not be subjected to maximum power until a reasonable running in distance has been covered.  100 dry miles is recommended minimum.  (discount any wet miles covered).



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