Pirelli test tyres the Naval way.

By Sandie
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Dec 2nd, 2013

We all know that tyre manufacturers spend as much time testing their new designs as they do designing them, but ever wondered just where these tests take place?

Let’s look at Pirelli, who test their street bike tyres on the hustling, bustling streets of Sicily. Why Sicily? Well it has without doubt the most diverse road conditions ranging from rough, pot holed, narrow streets, to original cobblestone paths from centuries ago and highly abrasive and skating rink smooth sections of sweeping mountain road. Added to that the mild Southern California-style weather allows for year long non-stop riding.

Track tyres were given the Siracusa circuit test until major developments were done on the track and it became a fully functioning race track again. Although some of the tests are still carried out there they also use a small track in Nardo, Italy to test away from prying eyes. As well as using different road/track surfaces Pirelli use a selection of bikes to test their tyres too. With the track divided up into sections and cones placed strategically along the route, this forces the rider to use a particular section of the track, so working a specific component of the tyre. This allows the engineers to finely tune the turn-in feel and bump absorption to edge/drive grip and stability of the tyre under testing.

Wet weather testing is a vital part of motorcycle tyre testing and Pirelli have their very own. Vizzola, a test ground next to Milan’s Malpensa airport, is used soley for motorcycle and car testing. As the track is equipped with an underground sprinkler system the track can replicate extreme wet road conditions ranging from damp pavement to streams of standing water on the basic west loop, larger, multiple configuration east loop linked by a one kilometer-long straightaway for high-speed testing.

See here how the test looks on camera

Earlier this year Pirelli added a touch of excitement to their testing history when they teamed up with Max Biaggi to test the Angel GT tyre’s braking performance on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier, generously made available by the Italian Navy. Whilst the aircraft carriers surface was soaked by high pressure water pumps Biaggi accelerated to 100kph, slamming on the brakes at the designated spot. Certainly not for the feint hearted, but a well received test of Pirelli Tyre power nonetheless.

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